Customized, end-to-end, reliable and scalable solutions with collaborative approach to your AI needs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Use advanced statistics, data science and ML techniques to solve problems involving descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics, with focus on explainable AI.

Data Engineering

Work collaboratively with ata scientists to create reliable Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) pipelines, architect distributed systems, manage data, design databases, build data warehouses, with the goal of achieving scale and efficiency.

Cloud & Edge (IoT)

Offer implementation and deployment of solutions both in the cloud and on the edge with distributed systems, depending on where you want to 'compute' based on the needs of scale, efficiency, connectivity, storage capacity, latency, data sensitivity, speed of processing and costs.

Predictive Analytics

Generate accurate predictions of events using advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) techniques.

Computer Vision

Gain actionable insights from images using Deep Learning (DL) and other state of the art techniques.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Interpret and understand structured data like text and speech using ML.


> Custom Solution
> End-to-End Execution
> Collaborative
> Transparent & Explainable
> Pragmatic Research
> Data Driven

Customization: We believe that artificial intelligence can only succeed if we customize every solution, just like we human beings are custom-built to not be identical in our individual intelligence. Customization allows us to develop solutions that are both fully automated and human-assistive.

End-to-End Execution & Service Capability: We are vertically integrated and work with you at every step of the way - from idea generation, designing, data management, model building and training to implementation in testing, staging and final deployment in production environment, either cloud or on-premise.

Collaborative: We work closely with you through the entire process, and constantly exchange ideas with our inter-disciplinary team of computer scientists, data scientists, machine learning experts, statisticians, data architects and cloud engineers.

Transparent & Explainable: We share our strategy, methodology and expertise with you so that you can learn, adopt and appreciate AI better. Instead of "black-box" complex models, we focus more on demonstrating the relevant features (data characteristics) that drive a certain output or decision.

Pragmatic Research: Our domain knowledge and academic backgrounds create a research-based, pragmatic approach that is quick to operationalize - an approach that is valued by our clients.

Data Driven: Our novel solutions are driven by data, and this approach provides fresh perspective to stakeholders and reduces inferential bias among end users.

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